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A transparent and publicly available certification standard for climate-neutral commodity transactions and services

Climate Neutral Commodity is a global, Swiss-based and independent initiative that certifies transactions through a third-party assured process of the quality of calculations and offsets of GHG emissions from commodity ‘cradle-to-gate’ or ‘cradle-to-grave’.

Based on the same principles, Climate Neutral Services certification applies to services  (e.g. logistics solutions).

Climate Neutral Commodity supports the industry in the journey towards carbon neutrality.

 Cradle-to-Gate: extraction to delivery
Cradle-to-Grave: full lifecycle, extraction to end-use
Climate Neutral Services

Certified audited transactions with a transparent protocol



GHG footprint via internationally recognised methodologies.



GHG footprint verification by an independent verification body.



GHG footprint via retirement of third-party certified carbon reduction credits.

Bureau Veritas: Strategic Partner and Preferred Verification Body


Bureau Veritas is a global audit and verification services provider with a leading expertise in the commodity industry and in environmental and sustainability standards.

As per CNC certification protocol requiring an independent verification provided by a recognised assurance provider, Bureau Veritas is appointed Preferred Verification Body.

Stepping forwards

Climate Neutral Commodity is member of the United Nations Global Compact, a leadership initiative from the United Nations for the development, implementation and disclosure of responsible business practices. CNC  supports companies in their journey to climate neutrality under long-term reduction plans through pursuing science-based targets.

In partnerships with:

Independent certification for
Climate Neutral Commodity
or Climate Neutral Services

Many companies are gearing towards net zero ambitions. Being able to provide carbon neutral LNG to customers will create a competitive advantage over time.
Rogier Beaumont
Head Global LNG Portfolio and Environmental Solutions, Pavilion Energy

The Climate Neutral Commodity Certification Protocol has been developed with extensive consultation and support from experts in GHG emissions measurement, certification  and governance, NGOs and the commodity industry.

CN Commodity is supported by an Advisory Board gathering experts from the industry and relevant institutions.


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